What You Should Know Before Buying A Juicer

We love to spend time at local farmers markets looking for the very best produce that we can take home. However, we often buy more than we could ever eat and this is why we first decided to get into juicing. We have experienced first hand how juicing vegetables and fruits can transform the way you feel, boost energy, and improve overall health. We do it every day and we can’t imagine not having it be part of our daily routine.

A great way to truly take advantage of the power of fresh produce is to get a juice extractor. Who wants to spend all day eating tons of vegetables when you can quickly throw them in a juicing machine and conveniently drink all of the goodness that they have to offer. Finding the ideal option for your kitchen is not as hard as it may seem. Although there are a number of quality options to choose from, getting something that is perfect for your needs is something that is rather doable with just a little bit of research.

Keys to Purchasing a Juicer

Some of the more important aspects to look for when buying a juicer include the following:


If you are truly in a hurry, and you just don’t have any time to spare, then a centrifugal juicer is the way to go. They are fast machines, and they offer the quickest way to juice. Speed does come with a price however, as they be quite loud.


If you need a quiet machine and don’t mind the juicing process taking a little bit longer, then a masticating juicer will be your best bet. They run at much slower speeds and they do not sound like an airplane engine when operating. They are not as fast, but they are definitely a lot gentler on the ears.

Juice Quality

Generally speaking, masticating juicers are going to give you a better quality juice. This method has lower oxidation levels in the juice, and you will be able to get slightly higher nutrient levels as well. The juice will spoil at a slower rate allowing you to make a lot of juice at once. Juice made with centrifugal juicers should be consumed right away as their is more air in the juice which will speed up the rate at which it goes bad.

Finding Juicer Reviews

There are plenty of quality juicers on the market, and trying to find one that best suits your needs may seem like a difficult task at first. Once you figure out which factors are the most important to you, then finding a model that is perfect for your needs will be a lot easier. To find the best option there are plenty of juicer reviews of the top brands like Breville, Omega, Kuvings, Cuisinart, and Tribest to help you make a more informed choice.

Most of the best juicers will be able to deliver a high quality juice, but there are some aspects that may be more valuable to you than others. Whether you choose a masticating or centrifugal model, chances are you will end up with something that will greatly benefit your health.

Types of Juicers

After reading through numerous reviews of various juice extractors you may notice that there are two types of juicers for fruits and vegetables. So what are the differences between the two?

Centrifugal Juicers

  • Fast
  • Loud
  • Usually easy to use
  • Usually easy to clean
  • Slightly lower juice yield
  • Slightly lower juice quality

Masticating Juicers

  • Slower
  • Quiet
  • Higher juice yield
  • Slightly higher juice quality
  • Great at juicing leafy foods
  • More expensive

Personally, we have always used masticating juicers as we juice a ton of kale and cabbage. These types of juicing machines handle these foods really well. We get a lot of juice and it tastes great. We have had experience with centrifugal juicers, and they do a good job, but they are just not something that suits our needs.

Recently, we bought an Omega VSJ843R, which is an upright masticating juicer. Omega juicers are also some of the best machines that you can buy. So far we have been amazed with how quiet it juices. You can barely hear it when you first turn it on. It is not a particularly fast model, and one thing that we weren’t thrilled about was its small opening to the feed chute. You have to cut up anything that you want to juice into smaller more manageable sizes. Other than that, we have been impressed. Not to plug one model over another, but this juicer has exceeded our expectations.

Which Juicing Machine Should You Get?

Buying a juicer is a totally individual decision. There is not one machine that rise above all the others and stands out to be the best for everyone. Make a checklist of what you hope to do with the machine and what are the most important aspects for you in a juicer. Speed, noise, price, the types of foods you plan to juice, clean up, and ease of use are some of the key points of a quality juicer. Once you know what you need, you can zero in on what you want.

Any juicer is better than not having one at all as juicing can provide you with tremendous health advantages. So in the end, there really is no wrong choice. The key is to buy a juicing machine that you enjoy using every day

The Countertop Oven We Use To Cook Up Our Veggies

We love baking our vegetables on a daily basis. Experimenting with healthy and fresh recipes is something that we use to benefit our entire family. It helps to have the right tools an we found just the right oven to fit our needs in the kitchen.

The Breville BOV650XL is considered by many as the Breville BOV800XL’s younger brother. It shares many of the same features, including the Element IQ technology. One of the most notable differences, however, is its smaller capacity. It’s 0.6 Cu ft. nonstick interior can only accommodate 4 slices of bread or a 12-inch pizza at any given time. This model also does not have the convection baking function.

The 1800-watt toaster oven comes with 8 different cook settings, which is more than enough for most users. Every setting can also be customized based on one’s recipe, food volume and personal taste, and stored in the oven’s memory. As a “Smart” oven, it has the ability to adjust the wattage of its heating elements, which offers users with greater versatility when cooking.

Dimensions: 14.2x 16.5 x 10 inches

Capacity: 4 Slices of Toast, 12” Pizza

Wattage: 1800W

Oven Features

Element IQ Technology: This innovative technology automatically adjusts the right amount of power, heat and cooking time depending on what is in the oven. As a result, it’s able to save energy, take less time, and deliver more evenly cooked results.

Durable and Compact Design: Right from the box, one realizes that the BOV650XL Smart Oven is built to last. Its stainless steel door handle, is very strong and cool when touched. In addition, the oven looks very modern, thanks to its stainless steel appearance.. It’s a nice addition to any kitchen counter.

8 Preset Programs: The BOV650XL comes equipped with 8 preset cooking programs (cookies, broil, toast, bagel, pizza, roast, bake and reheat) to choose from. Many customers like this feature because it eliminates guesswork when setting temperature and time for cooking different foods. However, one can also adjust the settings to their own preferences if they don’t like the presets.

People who often forget to thaw their food before cooking will love this smart oven. It comes with a defrost function that will thaw your frozen food first before the cooking process begins.

Oven with a Memory: The toaster oven isn’t called smart for nothing. It comes with a built-in memory that’s able to keep track of the users cooking preferences. This feature is ideal for those who like cooking the same way each time. It helps to save time that would otherwise be used to customize cooking programs over and over again.

Temperature Conversion: For people who are used to setting their cooking temperature in Celsius, switching to Fahrenheit can be a bit confusing and vice versa. Luckily, the Breville BOV650XL has a temperature conversion button that enables users to easily toggle between the two temperature settings.

What Owners Love About the BOV650XL?

Performance: Owners were pleased with the performance of this unit. While the smaller Breville BOV450XL and the larger BOV800XL receive better overall ratings than this model, it still is a top performing toaster oven. Excellent as a toaster, and it does pretty well to decent in a lot of other areas of cooking.

Easy to Read LCD Screen: One of the things that users love about this oven is the user-friendly interface. The LCD screen is very easy to read and use. It changes color based on the state of the oven. For instance, it displays orange color during preheat and cooking, and turns blue when a cooking cycle is complete. This helps to know exactly what state your food is in and takes out the guesswork.

Auto Shut-off Feature: Once a cycle is complete, the oven’s auto shut-off feature turn it off automatically. This helps to avoid cases of overcooking or burning of food in one’s absence.

Timer: Users love this feature because it tells one the exact amount of time left for the food to be ready, hence helps to eliminate guesswork.

Easy to Clean Crumb Tray: The crumb tray can be pulled out conveniently from the front part of the toaster oven. In addition, its interior is made of nonstick material, which makes it very easy to clean.

High Quality Accessories: Many users have applauded the high quality enamel baking pan and broil rack of the oven. Unlike other oven toasters with weak racks, these accessories are heavy and very durable.

What Could Be Better?

Despite many users being pleased with this product, there are a few changes that they wished would be effected to make it even better.

No Auto-eject Rack: Unfortunately, this smart oven doesn’t have an automatic eject rack. Many users think it would make a nice addition, considering the price of the oven.

No Interior Light: The toaster oven also lacks an interior light, which many customers wish was included.

Weak Dials: Some customers feel that the dials aren’t strong enough, and wished that they were made of something heavier to make them last longer.

Who Should Buy This?

If you are looking for a counter top oven that does toast very well and will also perform other cooking tasks such as baking, broiling and reheating then this may be a nice option for you. It is a versatile, stylish and smart oven with the ability to replace a lot of the functions of your regular sized oven.

Who Should Not Buy This?

If you are not looking to do a lot of cooking or baking and just want something that can toast and reheat food then this may not be the best choice. It is a full function toaster oven with a full function price.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Breville BOV650XL is a high quality toaster oven that’s worth considering is you’re looking for a small, easy to use and energy-efficient unit that cooks everything beautifully. Breville produces some of the best reviewed toaster ovens on the market, and this model is no exception. Owners typically rate this in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.

Taking Your Fitness Up A Notch With A Jogging Stroller

rugged jogging strollers

We are a family that has been using jogging strollers for many years. Here on the farm we have carved out several paths on the back of the property that we love to explore as a family. This is not all that smooth of terrain and there has been a few strollers that were not up to the task of going off road. They would either end up breaking down or they simply would not provide a comfortable ride going over bumps and different elevations. We thought that we would help others that like to go off the beaten path with their kids and provide a list of some of the better suited running strollers for those who like to get off the concrete and get onto the dirt.

What To Look For In A Stroller For Trails

There are a few features that your jogger should have to help withstand the wear and tear of hiking trails that may offer an uneven path. Some of these include;

Proper Tires

Having tires that you can fill with air can give you the extra cushion you need to traverse rocky terrain. This will also help ensure a smoother ride for your passenger.


Just like in cars, having an independent suspension that can absorb bumps, rocks, and gravel can keep the jarring forces away from your child. You want them to have fun and enjoy themselves as you are exploring the wilderness, and the proper suspension is a key part of their happiness. Getting a stroller with this feature is extremely vital to keeping them safe and comfortable.


Stick with brand names known for their sturdy construction. You will also want something that is lightweight as you may have to push them up an incline and want to stay in control in loose soil. We will give you some suitable options that will fit the bill now.

Joggers Geared To Going Off Road

Luckily there are several terrific options for parents looking for well built jogging strollers that can handle the punishment of uneven terrain. According to Marathon-Training.net, BOB strollers are the best rated joggers for just this activity. They have all of the important features listed above and they are highly rated by active parents for their rugged design.

BOB Revolution SE

This is the stroller that truly has made a name for itself and it put BOB on the map. This model has been around for several years and it continues to be one of the best joggers on the market.

  • Air Filled Tires – One look at the tires on this stroller and you can tell that it is made for trails. It provides both cushion and grip that make it perfect for going off the beaten path.
  • Independent suspension – This will give your child a more comfortable ride as you traverse the most demanding of paths.
  • Construction – The durable lightweight frame is built to stand up to everyday use and it has proven to be quite impressive for our family over the years. This is one jogger that we have gotten a ton of use from and it still is in great shape.

BOB Revolution Flex

This is extremely similar to the SE but it has one feature that is great for parents of varying heights.

  • Adjustable Handlebar – If Mom is short and Dad is tall then having a stroller that can fit both parents is a huge advantage. The handlebar on the Flex has different positions that can be used to accommodate both parents. It is important for the runner to be comfortable and not be reaching too low or too high while using the stroller. This will reduce strain, risk of injury, and make the jogger more enjoyable to push around.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller

Just like its name implies, this running stroller is constructed to tackle the toughest paths.

  • Large wheels – This jogger comes with big air filled tires that provide excellent traction and cushion to get over small rocks and debris. This helps produce a smoother and safer ride that your child will thank you for.
  • Adjustable handlebar – Like the BOB Flex, the handlebars on this stroller can be customized to the right height to give the runner a better fit.
  • Built Like A Tank – This model can also stand up to the extreme wear and tear that we have thrown its way. It is light enough to be easy to handle, but strong enough to endure countless uphill and downhill runs. This is an expensive jogging stroller, but our investment has stood the test of time and has more than paid for itself over the years.

Safety First

If you love to go on hiking trails with your family safety should always be the most important concern. While there are some general safety practices for using a stroller, runners need to take extra precautions. Having a large canopy, making sure the trail is wide enough for a stroller, and always staying within your limits will go a long way to ensure that everyone survives your jaunt unscathed. This should be a fun activity, and having the right equipment can go a long way to help everyone enjoy it together.